Part 6 – Transaction Teams in Business Acquisition and Sales – Valuation Firm

For both business sellers and buyers it is imperative that they understand how the company is valued and the specific methodology used to derive this value. When a business is formally listed for sale it is typically accompanied with a ‘Business Valuation’ report or an ‘Opinion of Value’ report prepared by either a business broker or a professional services firm accredited in company valuations. The business valuation field is a specialized industry involving a variety of available designations requiring a different set of testing, credentials, and related experience. Some of the more common business valuation credentials include:CVA – Certified Valuation Analyst Sponsored by the National Assoc. of Certified Valuation Analysts.
ABV – Accredited in Business ValuationSponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
ASA – Accredited Senior Appraiser Sponsored by the American Society of Appraisers
CBA – Certified Business Appraiser Sponsored by the Institute of Business Appraisers
CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst Sponsored by the Association for Investment Management & ResearchIn addition to these primary valuation accreditations, there are several related credentials held by business professionals providing opinion of value services, which include:Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) Sponsored by the International Business Brokers AssociationAside from a business acquisition or sale, business valuations are required for a number of other situations. Several examples would involve: developing a succession or exit plan, a business recapitalization, company buy-sell agreements, securing additional financing or working capital, estate probate or estate planning purposes, a dissolution of a partnership or marriage, and the creation of an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan).USPAP is an acronym for the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice which is generally recognized as the “umbrella” set of standards for company valuations and the analysis of commercial property appraisals. USPAP is propagated by the Appraisal Foundation’s “Appraisal Standards Board” aka the ASB. Because these valuation standards were originally created by appraisers in real estate, not all USPAP standards have been fully accepted by the professional business valuation industry. As a result, USPAP is not a requirement for all of the accreditations listed above and each sponsoring organization incorporates its own valuation standards.The purpose behind why a valuation report is being prepared is very important (especially if it is driven by IRS or Court purposes) to verify that the appropriate resource is engaged and the optimal report is received. Identifying the specific valuation “date” is also essential. Most valuation firms prepare a number of reports often referred to as Calculation Reports, Summary Valuation Reports, and Detailed Valuation Reports. The circumstances behind the need will determine the report type that is appropriate. For company sale transactions that involve third party funding, the loan process will often necessitate that the lender, on an independent basis, obtain an accredited business valuation as a condition of financing in addition to a commercial real estate appraisal when the acquisition includes real property.

6 Advantages of Joomla Website Design and Development

Ever since the rise of the internet, it has become part of popular culture and modern communication. The web development industry has undergone many changes and developments. Many of these changes have simplified website design and development, the perfect example being Content Management Systems or CMS like Joomla and WordPress. CMS like Joomla allows website owners to manage and control their own website content and look online. Joomla website development provides a lot of flexibility to your online business and can help you make more sales. Coupled with this CMS like Joomla has the following advantages:
Allows for the creation of attractive website. Joomla is template based like many other CMS platforms and there are lots of great looking website templates out there. There are also Joomla templates developers, that develop custom website templates.
Joomla is easy to navigate. Joomla is designed to be user friendly both for users and developers. It helps one to design user friendly web pages that appeal to users and web surfers.
Joomla is easy to maintain and update. Joomla helps you to manage all website content, and pages, any images and documents via the secure backend dashboard system. In the backend there is an editor’s panel to edit and upload website content very quickly and easily.
Joomla is extremely flexible and has a wide range of free plugins and extensions. These enable website users to add custom functionality and design aspects to their websites. There are extensions for every application!
Joomla is perfect for modern marketing! Joomla is SEO and search engine friendly and has built-in SEO features that will ensure that your website gets good exposure in search engines. There are also great components for email marketing and newsletters to promote your website amongst your target group.
Unlimited design options. Joomla allows one to customise the layout of every web page through its module systems allows for unlimited design and layout options.These advantages of Joomla website design and development have placed it at the forefront of the web development industry and make it one of the most powerful CMS platforms in the world. Discover more about Joomla website design.